Okay, There are four things to patch. each skill circle on the menu. I have only tested it in but the same byte sequence exists in is the last client that uses the RTP patch file format and I will not reverse any newer than that.

0F84CD00000083F8 => 90909090909083F8
0f84c40000006A40 => 9090909090906A40

83F8067463 => 83F8069090
83F807745E => 83F8079090


Having issues with the Ninjitsu option. Says I need to have the SE expansion, however, Samurai is working without issue as well as all others we’ve edited. Did we miss a couple of “90” somewhere?
I checked the client and all the changes you suggested were made and still present.


While this works, there actually may be an easier and more flexible way to do all of this, and with categories/additional professions, Will need to look further into this, and how to support it server side:

Will do some testing later.
OMG!!! Thank you soo much for that link, that helped a lot, I was able to change the Name and attributes of the file Prof.txt, in the game folder, and along side of the Charactercreation.cs file, Works perfect.

Only thing is that my new names aren't CAPS like the rest of the tabs. No bigger; still works. and was able to get the templates that I wanted without choosing the advanced tab.

Thanks again.


Thank Dulen over at the T2A forums, he did the experimenting, I just managed to stumble across it.

For not being caps, did you edit the Cliloc file?