Ultima Online 5 Kings features a just about constant state of becoming more and more interesting. Currently the server operates like base game but more will be included soon. 5 Kings starts with the adventurer being plunged into the heart of chaos being that the 5 kings have been at war for many years. With none conceding to the other the war rages throughout the land. We are currently looking for the 5 kings or queens that want to take up the mantle. The 5 royals will be granted a home of their choice upon joining the server and contacting the Owner or Admin. Rules will be detailed once in the discord. Our story begins with **YOU**. Once inside the discord you will be allowed to pick your ruler or if you will become nomadic.

If any of this has peaked your interest please come on in and talk with us and see where you belong. Join the 5 Kings Ultima Online Discord Server!

Are you a king? A queen? Soldier or nomad? We have a spot just for you in this ever expanding space! Please do keep us in mind, thank you for your time