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14th Anniversary Steward Reward Item 1.0

Based on "Mannequin", but allows you to give away items to players once per day

  1. Lokai
    Stygian Abyss, Standard Client (2D)
    This is based on the Mannequin. Thanks to @CaptainBlackHeart for pointing this out. Here are details about the script:




    The basic difference is that this one lets you hand out goodies to people who use the correct keyword. You can put any kind of item inside the backpack, and it will randomly give one out to each player who uses the keyword. (Once per day.) If you put bags in the backpack, it will give out the bag complete with all contents, so be careful how generous you are!

    I removed charging for customizations, so this one is a pretty sweet item. According to Stratics, you are supposed to get one of these for cleaning up 10,000 cleanup points worth, whatever that means, but you can decide how you want to distribute this, or just give it to your Staff to use for Events, etc.

    NOTE: There is supposed to be a restriction on Customizing or Re-deeding a house if you have a Steward, so if you want to honor that restriction, you will have to modify BaseHouse. I have NOT included any such mods in this script, so for now you are on your own on that one.

Recent Reviews

  1. Shazzy
    Version: 1.0
    These are SUPER! I use them regular(for players) and I put them in the Vendor Mall and put certain gifts on them, to see who is reading the forum and who is not :) 12 thumbz up!