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Custom AutoRestart 1.1

Adds cool functionality to an otherwise boring command...

  1. Lokai
    This is a replacement version of the AutoRestart.cs file in your MISC folder. If you want to use this, you will probably need to replace yours, as this was completely rewritten.

    This adds commands to the AutoRestart feature.

    First, if you want to restart 15 minutes from now, just say
    [restart 15

    Other commands include:

    [AutoRestartOn or [AR-On
    [AutoRestartOff or [AR-Off
    [AutoRestartTime or [AR-Time (which lets you specify the time of day for the restart (0 to 23).)
    [AutoRestartText or [AR-Text (which lets you customize the warning message.)
    [AutoRestartColor or [AR-Color (which lets you customize the color of the warning message.)
    [AutoRestartWhen or [AR-When (which reminds you when the next auto-restart will happen.)

    Next, if you want to set up AutoRestart for a particular time of day, and either daily or weekly, those options are now in the script. Also, you can specify specific time intervals prior to restart to send out warnings. These values are stored in a List in the script. So, for example you could chose to send warnings at 1,2,5,10, and 15 minutes prior to restart.

    Unfortunately, in this release, none of the values are saved, so if you find something you like, for now just use those values in the script. Later I will add either a save option which writes to a file, or an object the Admin can hold which stores the values for future use. (Or I might do both.)
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