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UO Classic Client,,,,,
Microsoft Windows XP\Vista\7\8
Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package (x86)
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5
Essence UCS (Ultima Classic Client Shell)


Target audience: Administration and developers of Ultima Online custom RP shards. Pay attention to the word "RP" - this software is developing for specific purposes of custom RP shards, so using it on OSI style or PVP shards will cause more harm then advantage. Pay attention to the words "Administration and developers" - this software not, that call "Plug and Play", to get all its power you will need to configure client and shell and for some of features even modify server code\logic. Certainly not everything is so terrible, but nevertheless it will require your time and work too.

Project goals: expand limitation of client, add new featureas that can be required for custom shards (as you know UO allows make what you whant, but at same time it has many hardcoded limitations, which prevent your fantasy), protect game data from users to avoid cheating (i.e. using low-walls patches, inject software, turning off lighting and so on).

Supported clients:,,,,, Most features are supported by all this clients, thow as has much difference in logic it don't support few minor features. It's possible to add support for any client from up to, but as it's big work I will do it only if you give essential arguments why it is so nessary and can't be replaced by any one from supporting list. And this project will never support clients early and later as they have much difference in logic and code, so even don't ask about this.

Distribution: Free of charge, but not public. If you are interested contact with me (by email or PM on project froum) and be ready to give some info about yout working or developing shard and prove that you are really developer\administrator of this shard. Nothing special, just way to prevent getting this software for people who are interested only in cheating on servers where it used.

How it works? UCS repack all client data in own format files, and only adminstration will be able to extract them back. UCS even hide client.exe to prevent for it's hacking and replacing. As the result you will have few packs and luncher which will do magic agter you run it - extract and load client code, and patch it while working.

So what is it? UCS allows user to change resolution, use upscaler (Simple2x, Pixelate2x, Scanlines2x, ScanlinesTV2x, LQ2X, HQ2X, 2XSai, SuperEagle, Super2XSai, AdMame2x, MotionBlur), low-cpu patching, autologin and so on. But the main goal of project is to give shard staff abilities to overcome client limits and make with UO what they whant, for example to change map sizes, replacing muls, increase harcoded sound & music limitations, use dynamic statics, protect client from modifications by players and cheating, customise client hardcoded gumps and messages, easy updating client and data (it's also have functionality of patcher with very good compression ration), implement some new RP features, for example fog of war on minimap and much much more.

Project is in active developing - more features will be added by time...
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sounds good, sadly it is a close source project and only for selected users. The majority of us will never be able to use it.
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Looks promising
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