Essence UCS

Launcher Essence UCS

UO Classic Client,,,,,
Microsoft Windows XP\Vista\7\8
Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package (x86)
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5
Essence UCS (Ultima Classic Client Shell)


Target audience: Administration and developers of Ultima Online custom RP shards. Pay...
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Latest Updates

  1. Version 0.15.0207 released

    fixed compatibility issues in Windows 10 updated examples of configurations for working with the...
  2. Version 0.15.0205 released

    List of all changes:  Error #416: Incorect scene drawing with changed drawing range  Error...
  3. Version 0.14.0167 released

    List of all changes:  Error #242: Uncorrect work of trasparent tiles with encreased update...
  4. Version 0.13.0160 released

    List of all changes:  Error #368: Wrong colors in Pixelate and scanlinesTV filters  Error...
  5. Version 0.12.0136 released

    List of all changes:  Error #349: EssenceUCS.Environment.Internet.DownloadFile(String url) ...