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CentrEd+ 0.7.9

Improved map and statics editor

  1. StaticZ
    Ultima Classic client (any version)
    "CentrEd+" is the modified map and statics CentrEd editor of the last version 0.6.1 (by Andreas Schneider). Main advantages of this fork are:
    • better client data files support
    • Group filtering for tiles;
    • New tools;
    • Brushes;
    • Multi objects;
    • RunUo integration (introduce in 0.8.X);
    • Updated and improved multi language interface (at now: Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, evry one can easily add own translation);
    • Many other new features (see history of changes for more detail).
    "CentrEd+" is the client-server application so it's possible to edit and look through the maps for different people at the same time, besides the program allows to work with maps of any size. Originaly this modification was made espesially for the Quintessence server, but now after rather big work it's able for all UO commnunity. Thow Centred+ is still far from perfect and need a lot of features to implement and bugs to fix, we will hope you like it...

    "CentrEd+" becomes much more powerful with customised configs. Visit wiki on projects page for detail descriptions, tutors and other info. Unfortanly just now not all advantages can be used as there are no all configs even for default osi client...

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Recent Updates

  1. Version 0.7.9 released
  2. Version 0.7.8 released

Recent Reviews

  1. Darksun84
    Version: 0.7.9
    Some major and minor bugs i have encountered:

    Large command operations: adding multiple static or multiple drawing terrain just add or draw the first element on the list.
    Performing one of the operations mentioned above, will sometime create a lot of unused terrain tile (land terrain id 0)

    Sometimes the hightlighing doesn't show up when dragging the mouse.
  2. otimpyre
    Version: 0.7.9
    10/9/2017 Everything changed. Thanks Staticz! You are amazing!
  3. bleef
    Version: 0.7.8
    Very useful. Shows great promise!
  4. Hank
    Version: 0.7.7
    Excellent tool for a person or people looking to detail a uo map!
    5/5 This is a must in any uo map maker toolkit.