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UO patcher 1.0

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.Net Framework 4.5
This is small standalone patcher, which allows to patch any client and it's data to any version you wish by applying original osi patches (*.pat and *.ept files). It also allows to try to apply patches from other version if there are no valid patches to your client. As OSI turned off patch server its don't work any more and getting patches isn't easy task. But with time community collect handreds of them and you can download them here. I wish and hope uo community will continue to share patches as much of them are still missed. This also help to solve problem with searching for some client version, as patches will allow to patch client from 1.25.35 to and more (realy, I did it myself), but we still need missed patches to make this task easy and possible from any clients. So if some one have more patches please inform me and share them!!!

Uopatch is easy in use, just extract and run it, you will promt to enter relative paths to folder with patchers and client, then tool will print some info about your client version and if failed to autodetect client version ask you for it. The last step to enter client version you whant to get finaly and thats all !!! There are so some optional settings which allow to backup diff files or write patch log to file.

While patching if patcher can't find nesessary next patch files, it will promt you several choices which you can try. In some cases using patches from other version will work fine in others patcher will faile to apply them.

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