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Misc Essence UDK Tools 2017-08-16

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Essence UDK Tools is a simple, flexible and powerful tool for operations over .mul/.uop containers and the data entries stored there. Since the application is based on low level operations it allows making more specific work with fixing files, converting data files between different data formats, finding difference and merging data content from different file versions, resizing containers, massive moving data entries inside containers, defragmenting .mul files, resizing map files, copying map areas from one map file to another, removing or replacing tile indexes in map and so on. It is very helpful if you want to upgrade your client files with tons of custom content for example from ML to HS.

As any console application all operations can be atomized, for example auto conversation map .mul files to .uop after closing CentrEd\CentrEd+ server.

Essence UDK Tools also contains other interesting abilities, for example it allows to render whole map or its part to image, with different scale. Alternatively, with it you may extract animation frames from AnimationFrame#.uop files (I see several tools, which allows viewing animation frames of enhanced client, but as I known no one of them worked with animation .uop classic client).

Eample of map render (with scale ratio 2x2 pixels for each tile):

List of all commands from r133 version:
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