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Gypsy Tent Camps & Moonstone Jewelry 2015-01-04

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Here is the re-introduced gypsy camp of old. Re-introduced in Publish 65. They are like the original camps with the green or blue tents.
They spawn with: 2 treasure chests( a level 2 and a level 3), 1 cauldron over a lit fire or unlit fire, and 6 gypsies. The gypsies have a 1/1000 chance to drop a piece of Moonstone Jewelry (Earrings, Ring, Bracelet, or Necklace. When D-clicked the jewelry changes color according to what facet you're on. [These must be in your pack to change the color.]Blue for Trammel, red for Felucca, and gray for all others. The jewelry isn't 100% accurate and there is very little information available on it. The pieces are suppose to randomize there respective hues with the moonphases (go lighter or darker). Tackle this one is you feel ambitious. :)
The camps are scripted to be quite random, the treasure chests will spawn in 14 different locations, while one of the two cauldron addons will spawn in one of 15 different locations, without a chance of any statics, chests or mobiles overlapping. This camp requires a 16 square tile area,
to insure all items aren't in water or in the side of a hill etc.... Place both camps on one spawner to randomize the tent colors.
I can't promise the treasure loot is 100% accurate check the url for uoguide and a video here:
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Like all camps put them on a spawner otherwise you will have to use
[MultiWipe command
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