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Harvestable Drugs 2.1 2015-09-07

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This is a revision of the drug harvesting system. It has been updated to work with ServUO pub 54 and now includes a quest! I do NOT take credit for writing it, only for the revisions, quest and grouping it together in a complete system. The system can be easily adapted to grow any kind of crop.

The Quest
Dr FeelGood has been thrown in jail for being a little loose with the prescription pad. He has hired you to sneak some special herbs past the drug dogs and guards.

The quest is set up to use the included K9 drug dog and kill-able guards set up in a gauntlet. The K9 will search all of your bags if you get within 2 spaces and mark you as a criminal. If you are hidden it will reveal you. The quest item can only be obtained by growing marijuana in the farms outside Moonglow in Felucca. The quest is repeatable every 2 hours. The reward is 2000 gold and 2 infused alchemy gems. You also have a small chance of an alchemy power scroll.

There are 2 small edits to PowerScroll.cs and Regions.xml or you can just drop it all in your servuo folder if your regions and powerscroll files are unedited.

Ver 2.1 Added files to limit travel to public gates only while you have the Dr FeelGood quest items in your pack.
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