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Private Message with location marker 1.1

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Vita-Nex Core
This will add a staff command to send a private message to a player and highlight a targeted item.

[PvtMsg ("message") (z-bounce) (lifespan)

[pvtmsg Attention
[pvtmsg Attention 5 10

If your message contains spaces it has to be inside quotes.
[pvtmsg "Grab the backpack"
[pvtmsg "Grab the backpack" 6 20

If you just want the marker enclose a space between quotes for the message
[pvtmsg " " 6 10

If you want to specify the marker lifespan you must use the height also.

After you enter the command target the player then target the item you want to highlight. The message will appear over the player and an item will drop on your target. Only staff members and the targeted player can see the location marker. The marker will bonce up and down to draw attention to it. After 5 seconds it will delete itself.

Note: After targeting the player you can also target the ground or statics, it doesn't have to be an item.
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