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Hardcore Mode Arcade Life System 1.5

Arcade style, set number of lives, auto-res, skill loss

  1. Nuggzy
    Most of us here are probably old enough to remember the days of going to the arcade with pockets full of quarters. Drop one in and get a set number of lives, lose them all and your game is over. That has come to UO so grab a hand full of quarters and play UO Hardcore!

    This is an arcade style system with a limited number of lives. Once a player hits zero he can no longer be resurrected.

    1. Limited lives.
    2. Auto resurrect timer - scales with death count.
    3. Skill loss debuff.
    4. HP/M/S returns from resurrection adjusted by death count.
    5. Xtra life token.
    6. Ability to ban the account after death for RP servers that require a story line before making a new character.
    7. New players can select between hardcore and normal mode.
    8. All settings are easily modified at the top of the PlayerMobile.cs.
    I included an extra life token that you can use to award your players extra lives. I also included SkillBallPlus.cs(written by someone else) to give your players a head start on their skills.


    1. hardcore_gates.png
    2. gate_info.png