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Horn of Plenty(Nov 2012) W/Roasting Pig addon, tamable turkeys and food 1.2

Horn of Plenty from Thanksgiving 2012, includes all associated items.

  1. Nuggzy
    This is the Horn of Plenty from thanksgiving 2012. It includes all associated items. The horn will recharge during November up to 10 max charges.

    The Roasting Pig On A Spit house addon is a rare spawn from the horn. Once placed it will give a random pork food item once a day.

    To make the roasting pig grill a heat source per OSI edit your CraftItem.cs file to add the items to the heat source table.
    Code (C#):
    1.         private static readonly int[] m_HeatSources = new[]
    2.         {
    3.             0x461, 0x48E, // Sandstone oven/fireplace
    4.             0x92B, 0x96C, // Stone oven/fireplace
    5.             0xDE3, 0xDE9, // Campfire
    6.             0xFAC, 0xFAC, // Firepit
    7.             0x184A, 0x184C, // Heating stand (left)
    8.             0x184E, 0x1850, // Heating stand (right)
    9.             0x398C, 0x399F, // Fire field
    10.             0x2DDB, 0x2DDC, //Elven stove
    11.             0x19AA, 0x19BB, // Veteran Reward Brazier
    12.             0x197A, 0x19A9, // Large Forge
    13.             0x0FB1, 0x0FB1, // Small Forge
    14.             0x2DD8, 0x2DD8, // Elven Forge
    15.             0x9987, 0x999E // Roasting Pig Grill <<add this
    16.         };