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High Seas Fishing Pack 2014-09-11

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Does require edits to Fishing.cs and SetItem.cs distro files, no core edits or recompile needed.
This is the High Seas fishing package created and released by RoninGT back in August 2013. I have updated some code to current and added an installation text.

  • 74 new fish related to the High Seas booster pack.
  • A new fishing outfit created as a 'Set Item'
  • A tournament system, time based to return XX fish before anyone else
  • Rewards to the Tournament
  • Lobster Trap
  • Many Fish food items
  • Harpoon gun and Harpoons
If you have not modified your distro Fishing.cs file, this is nearly a drop and reboot package. Requires just one addition to the SetItem.cs enum list. ( scripts/Items/-BaseClasses/SetItem.cs )

This package is untested at the moment, however I have gone over all the code and it compiles on my ServUO 54 version, and is installed and running on my shard. I will be doing some testing and playing around with it as well as Talshani. If we find problems or whatever, I will update the package. I am uncertain how accurate this is to the OSI system, but will try to get it as close as possible over time as it is used :)

I can provide whatever help or support that I am capable of. If anything is missing from the OSI system please let me know or submit your addition, and I will add it to the pack :)

Again, props and credit go out to RoninGT for putting this together!
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