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Updated SOS items for Fishing.cs 54

Items added to SOS/Fishing from OSI publish 68.3

  1. Dian
    Replacing or merging changes to Fishing.cs
    I have added some missing items to the Fishing.cs for the SOS system. These were added to OSI at publish 68.3

    The package contains all of the items listed HERE from the UOGuide page.

    I have included two new item files for this, one of which already existed in ServUO, however it was not the correct ItemID or Hue (Bronzed Armor of the Valkyrie), the one included has a slight different name, so not to conflict.

    I have not fully tested this yet, but will be testing it over next couple days. I do not see any reason for there to be problems. If there are, just let me know :)