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Updated SOS items for Fishing.cs 54

Current SOS items from publish 68.3

  1. Dian
    Replace or merging the file Fishing.cs and adding two new item scripts. No compile needed.
    This is just an addition to the Fishing.cs for SOS items. Publish 68.3 had introduced several new items that can be found from the SOS or Message in a Bottle fishing.
    I have added all the new items that are found here on UO Guide

    This is added to a stock ServUO 54 Fishing.cs file, so if you have no changes to yours, a simple replace will work fine, otherwise you will need to inspect and merge the changes.

    If anyone noticed I had posted this earlier, and deleted... I had posted the wrong fishing.cs that had other modifications done, and should not be used for anything but testing. Sorry bout that to anyone that downloaded it. Just download this one, and replace.

    Let me know if any issues come up, and enjoy :)

Recent Updates

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