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Lokai Skills, Tree Harvesting, Building Construction 2014-12-18

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1. Tree Harvesting:

This part of the system is an attempt to add pseudo-realism to the UO world by making every tree in the world produce goods based on it’s type, as opposed to the original system, in which oak trees can give Yew logs and maple trees can give Bloodwood logs. To do this, I created a tool called the Tree Harvest Tool. This tool has 5 functions, as shown in this image:

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Using this one tool, you can gather a multitude of new resources from the trees. My ultimate objective was to then have those resources be used to produce useful products, like medicines, dyes, food, and weapons. Although I never completed the products part, the harvesting works great. If you use the Investigate Tree option, it will tell you exactly what type of resources you can obtain from the tree you are examining.

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The Tree Harvest system uses 4 of the new Skills, TreePicking, TreeCarving, TreeSapping, and TreeDigging.

2. New Skills:

In addition to the Tree Harvesting abilities, there are another 26 Skills in the system. Many of these are fully implemented. Some will require additional work to complete. The Core files for this system were basically copied from the Core Skills files, and then the word ‘Skill’ was replaced with 'Ability' in the first variation, then ‘LokaiSkill’ in later revisions. It was a lot more complex than that, but that was how it all got started.

These Skills are stored as XML Attachments.

Users can view their own Skills using the Show LokaiSkills Gump, called with the “[showlokaiskills” or “[showskills” commands. This gump has buttons for directly invoking those Skills that can be invoked. It also has small tabs on the left that let you ‘drag’ the Skill away so that you have an individual gump for each Skill. Counselors and GameMasters can also bring up the Skills of another player or themselves using the “[LokaiSkills” or “[Abs” commands. This gump lets you adjust the values of Skills . See the ‘LokaiSkillsCommands’ file for the other commands.

Here are the Skills:

Butchering – (COMPLETE) – when you butcher an animal instead of just using a knife on it, you get bonus meat, but fewer hides, etc.
Skinning – (COMPLETE) – when you skin an animal, you get bonus hides, scales, feathers, and a reduced amount of meat.
AnimalRiding – (COMPLETE) – this Skill will determine if you can stay mounted. (I always thought it was strange that everyone was born in UO with a natural ability to ride any animal. This Skill makes some animals harder to ride than others.)
Sailing – (COMPLETE) – this is similar to the Riding Skill. If you attempt to sail around in a boat, you might not be able to turn the way you think you should, and if you are truly incompetent, you might just wreck the boat and end up washed ashore. (This Skill was tested under limited conditions, so more robust testing should be done. It makes use of a wonderful system that actually checks the Sailing ability of EVERYONE on the boat, not just the person giving the commands. It also rewards crew members individually.)
PickPocket – (COMPLETE) – allows you to practice your thievery on pretty much anyone. You should check out the script for some Boolean values that you might want to adjust before starting up the Server.
Pilfering – (COMPLETE) – allows you to steal things from display cases and other decorative objects. (Limited testing done.)
Framing, Bricklaying, Roofing, StoneMasonry – (PARTIAL) – these four Skills are tied directly to the Building system. They allow you to construct just about every type of wall, window, floor, roof, etc. These components can then be gathered in something called a House Recipe, which when completed will provide you with the deed to your new house. To do this, you need to work with the Foreman. (I recommend that if you like this system, you may want to do some modifications to your Server so that this will be viable. For example, you might want to make houses much more expensive, to encourage people to develop their Laborer and Construction Skills.)
Ventriloquism – (COMPLETE) – fun Skill that lets you throw your voice to pretty much anywhere, like to another person, a tree, or a wall.
Hypnotism – (COMPLETE) – another fun Skill, lets you command someone. (Probably needs more testing.) A rewritten version of CMonkey123’s Emote script is included with this system, and is required for the Hypnotism script.
PreyTracking – (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
SpeakToAnimals – (COMPLETE) – probably an overly powerful ability, it lets you commune with the animals around you so that they will guard you for a short time.
Woodworking – (PARTIAL) – this Skill lets you create odd bits like unfinished table legs, etc. The ‘crafting’ part is done, but I was originally planning on making it so you could then combine parts, stain the items, etc. None of that was done.
Cooperage – (PARTIAL) – barrel-making 101. (I never knew there were so many names for barrels.)
Spinning – (COMPLETE) – when you use Raw Wool on a spinning wheel you will get Grey Yarn. This Skill is another one of those that seeks to answer ‘why is it that everyone is born with this knowledge?’ (If you want to use this Skill, and Weaving also, you might want to change your Tailor vendors so that they buy and sell the new products. Check the scripts for the names you will need.)
Weaving – (COMPLETE) - when you use Yarn or Thread on a loom, it’s not necessarily Automatic. This is an Skill you must learn.
Construction – (PARTIAL) – this is mostly complete. This Skill measures your competence in adding various building components to the House Recipe you are attempting to construct. To implement this, the Foreman must be spawned, and you must also have a way of selling or giving away House Recipes.
Commerce – (COMPLETE) Completed Commerce system - Customizable percentage increase/decrease when buying or selling from vendors. Requires DISTRO EDIT to fully implement. (Sorry)
Brewing – (*NEW* IMPLEMENTED) Use various Tree Resources on a Heat Source to produce various Tree Products. (Make sure you have large vials or wooden bowels in your inventory.)
Herblore – (*NEW* IMPLEMENTED) Use various Tree Resources on a Mortal and Pestle to produce various Tree Products. (Make sure you have large vials or wooden bowels in your inventory.)
Teaching – (PARTIAL) – this was intended to be a Skill that lets you impart some of your knowledge of Skills to others. The only part that is implemented is that every time you raise a Skill, there is a chance that your Teaching Skill will go up also. Check the file ‘SkillUtilities’ to see how that works.
Linguistics – (COMPLETE) – I really like this Skill. When this is enabled, any time you talk with someone who is of another race than yours, you may not understand what they are saying completely. The system automatically translates your words into a foreign dialect, unless you are listening to someone of your own race. Those with some ability in Linguistics will be able to piece together a word here, and a word there. This Skill requires the file ‘words.txt’ which should be located in the Data directory. A sample is included below. You can if you wish redesign the linguistic database using your own translations. Just make sure the format is the same – word, then the “|” pipe symbol, then the translation.

3. Building System:

The Building system was copied almost entirely from the Core Crafting system. Modifications were made to allow it to compile independently from the Core, and to use the LokaiSkills system rather than Skills. As described above, the Roofer, Framer, etc, will be able to build various components needed in the construction of houses. These components can then be brought to the Foreman, where he will add them to your House Recipe for you. Most of the Building system was tested extensively.

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