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Plant Harvesting System 2.0 2016-01-01

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I am not taking credit for this, I am sharing a work that seemed like a good improvement for anyone.
The only issue about the system is that is partial, it means only 1 seed may be planted.
Seems like other ones could be easily scripted for anyone who has enough time to spend over.

(Plant Harvesting v.2.0) By: Gametec (A.A.S.R) [Last Updated: 09/27/2014]

Before I Begin I just want to say that his release is just a test-run. This system works 100%. I've been testing this all weekend. For this release I removed the drug system aspects altogether. All you get with this system is 1 Crop (The Aloe Cactus). You can plant its seeds and watch it grow! Then collect the resources: 1 Aloe Cactus Blade or 1 Seed.

At this time I'm not really going to go into how to create your own crops to harvest; however if you open the Harvest directory and follow the scripts as a template you will get the idea fairly quickly. The process is long, but it's really easy to add your own crops! I've included the first and will add more as time goes on.

For now the system is very basic, but allows you to elaborate with any growable plant you can think of. I will be adding the drug component at a later date in a future release. I hope you all end up using this system. I really enjoyed putting it together back when it was my Drug Harvesting system and I really enjoyed cleaning it up a bit with this release.

Here is a preview of the Aloe Cactus (UO Style):

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There are many harvest systems throughout the RunUO and ServUO forums. I created this one back in 2010 to compliment, what I thought was, the end all-be all of drug systems in the Ultima Online emulation community. I released this system back then for novelty reasons to make people laugh.

Why Am I Re-Releasing This System?

I decided to clean up the code a bit, make it a lot more generic, and redo
things with a lot more practical frame of mind at the request of a few
people; their thinking was that this system had a lot of role-play potential
and that the real-world drugs included spoiled the game for many players.

So I've revamped it. Now server owners will get a plant harvesting system
that offers resources that will both benefit players and give them a very
substantial disadvantage in some cases; there are medicinal resources and
resources that will get players high like in the drug harvesting system.

A Tiny Background And Script History

The idea for this system came from the creators of the original Narcotics.cs
script; I thank the author(s) for giving me the inspiration to roll with the
idea! Basically this system is comprised of many scripts that run off a base
or single script engine; in this revamped version there are two engines.

Plant_Harvest_Drug_Engine || Plant_Harvest_Crop_Engine

My hope for this script is to get everyone involved to expand this system one way or another rather than re-create 50+ more harvest scripts for plants. This way everyone wins and no one is left scrambling for the next best system; of which you won't find This code is credited to the following people:

Lord_Greywolf, Bujinsho, HammerHand, Vhaerun, Morxeton,
Hands of God, JamzeMcC, Soteric, David, And Thagoras!

Godly Features Of This Almighty System

[x] npcActor: Apothecary: is your medicine man! He sells beneficial
resources to your players.

[x] Purchase and grow your own crops in any furrow throught the game world! So now you can become a Farmer!

[x] Crop theft is only possible on any map with the Felucca ruleset
in place. All other areas protect your crops from theft!
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