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Quest Cleaner 1.2

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Mondain's Quest system.
I made this for 2 reasons, to display the information about quests that I was on or had done, and to be able to easily delete both current and finished quests. Now, this is a tool for Admins to do the same for any player. This can be useful if someone got stuck, or accidentally finished one, and needs to restart, but is not able to do so.

2 ways to use: (using QC or QuestClean as the keyword)

[QC <player's name> - this looks nearby for a player's name matching the string given, if found it will show their quest info. If not, it will use the next method:

[QC - this allows you to target any player to view their quests.

CAUTION: There is NO WARNING on deletion, so use with care!
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