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RunUO Critical Hit System 1.1 2015-01-16

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Critical Hit System
Author: Sailor
E-Mail: [email protected]

Details: This package allows you to have a completed critical hit system. Every mobile has %5 base critical chance and there are "critical chance increase" items (like hit chance increase it is a attribute). Total critical chance is %(5+itembonuses)..Item's bonus is capped at 15. So for example i have a shield with %3 critical chance increase and a bracelet with %4 critical chance increase. I have total %5+3+4=%12 chance to stike critical. Criticals also work with spells. Critical chance increase items can be dropped by monsters or crafted by runic tools, enhanced like other attributes (damage increase etc.) Ah i almost forget, critical strikes add %100 damage bonus but that doesn't mean doubling the damage. The %100 damage bonus will added to other bonusses like skill bonusses or damage inc item bonusses. If a player have a %150 total damage bonus, he will have %250 bonus when strikes critical. I hope you find this document useful.

-Extract the files to your Scripts/custom directory
-Find your old scripts (AOS.cs, BaseWeapon.cs, BaseArmor.cs, BaseClothing.cs, BaseJewel.cs, Spell.cs, BaseRunicTools.cs) and backup&delete them.

v1.1: Critical strike chance is now affected by luck. Luck/100 will be added to players critical strike chance.
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