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Shard Travel Map 1.1

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Stygian Abyss (All 6 Standard OSI maps used)
I present, the Shard Travel Map.

This map is intended to be a reward of some kind, due to the fact that it allows instant transport to locations throughout the world. It does not start out completely "unlocked" however, so it is also intended to provide incentive for exploration by players.

Much time and painstaking attention to detail went in to this release. If you find locations that either do not make sense or are broken, there are 3 possibilities:

1. You are using a different/customized map.
2. Your client is at a different version. (This was tested on the latest.)
3. I missed one (unlikely, since I tested each location carefully.)


Players obtain the map through Events, Quests, or dropped by creatures - the choice is yours. Once they have the map, they will be able to use it immediately (default start parameters can be changed) to teleport to New Haven Trammel and Britain Felucca. In addition, most major cities in Trammel begin "Discovered" but still Locked.

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When you click on the location's button, the details will appear on the right side.

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Locations that are discovered appear "Green" or "White" on the map, and detailed information about their location can be viewed in the Details section. GMs will see the same thing a player sees, but can also see Locked locations (in Red) on the map.

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GMs can also teleport or explore locations that are Locked.

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In order to "Discover" new locations, players will need to find (or buy) Shard Travel Map Fragments. These can also be spawned in dungeons, sold on vendors, etc.

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The default constructor is ShardTravelMapPiece() and will create a fragment with a random Map as the source. If you add the generation of these Fragments in your scripts, you can construct it for a specific Map. Simply send the Map of your choice (such as the map of the monster dropping it) into the constructor.

If you want to give out specific locations through a script, you will need to include the Map, the Index number of the location, and a Description.

If a player double-clicks the Fragment from the wrong map, they will be told to go to the appropriate map to use it.

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If they are in the correct map, the location will be Discovered on their Shard Travel Map, and they will then be able to attempt to Unlock the location.

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They can now see that location on their Shard Travel Map.

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In order to Unlock a location, a player will need to click the "Explore This" button in the Details area of the Map. They can only do this if the location has been Discovered, and they are on the same Map.

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The map will then tell them how far away they are from the location, and approximately which direction to head.


When a location has been Unlocked, the player can teleport there using the "Teleport Now" button. Normal rules/restrictions apply for teleporting, such as Young status, Combat status, Reds, carrying a Town Sigil, etc.

Optionally, you can set up the Map to charge a fee for teleporting. This fee can be any combination of items. The default setup looks for 1 Black Pearl and 100 Gold pieces. If you enable this feature, make sure you read the comments for an explanation of how to set it up.

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A Help screen is available by clicking the "?" icon in the top right corner, which will give the player a detailed description of the system as defined on your Shard.

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