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Vet Reward Upgrade 2015-01-15

More Vet Rewards

  1. ATruGod
    This was compiled to ServUO Publish 54
    Ok so over the Years there have been a number of cool item that have popped up. I have taken almost 80 of these cute little items or systems and added them to the Veteran Reward System (SO THEY ARE ALMOST ALL VETERAN REWARDS...if you want to use them another way You can alter them). If You decide to add this as is there are 8 files (in the Distro Edits Folder) separated into folders for the system or item they correspond to. You obviously can remove anything undesired by removing the files and editing out the line (or lines) in RewardSystem.cs
    Here is a list of all items and systems. I am glad to answer any questions, but You can also get answers at the RunUO forums (specifically the threads they were submitted in). I only am responsible for the one I note otherwise SOMEONE ELSE wrote them (and in most cases probably aren't around anymore):

    Forest Ostard
    Frenzied Ostard
    Savage Ridgeback
    Armored Swamp Dragon
    Undead Steed

    Bank Stone
    Pet Res Stone
    Stable Stone
    Transmutation Stone (Change Items from Metals to Other Metals)

    Dye Tubs:

    Ammoless Bow
    Neon Weapons (4 types)
    Armor Gauntlets (creates full set of Armor..on PM)
    Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    Gauntlets of Dexterity
    Tamer Staff
    Staff of Skeletal Summoning

    +25 Max Stat Scroll (edit to Your stat caps)
    Bank Slot Deed (adds 25 spaces to bank storage)
    2nd House Slot Scroll (BaseHouse.cs Edit)
    Max Follower Scroll (adds 5 follower slots)
    Pet Bonding Deed
    Skill Point Scroll (+100 points...edit to Your Caps)

    Exalted Deeds (Int +10, Tithing Pts +5000, Chiv Cap to 120)
    Vile Deeds (Necro and Spirit Speak Cap to 120)
    Warriors Way (Fighting Skills Caps to 120)
    Merlins Wisdom (Mage Skills Caps to 120)
    Trainer Tips (Taming Skills Caps to 120)
    Smith Secrets (Mining, Smith, Lore Caps to 120)
    Song Lovers (Music Skills Caps to 120)
    Body and Mind (Focus, Anatomy, and Healing Skill Caps to 120)
    Stealthy Pilfering (Stealing Skills Caps to 120)
    Master Rune Book (Holds many Rune Books)

    Bag Of Mage Gear (Clothing Set propped for Mages)
    Charm (sits in Backpack adds 10 to stats)
    Hoodable Robe (Hides Identity when hood is up...I wrote this originally)
    Lost Ring of Ancient Secrets (saves life once a day...needs PlayerMobile Edit)
    Tasselhoffs Ring (Dbl Click to telepport to 1 of 31 random locations)
    Earring of Elemental Protection (I use a Region effects system and this Negates the effects (edited out at moment) and adds protection to Elements)

    Magic Systems:
    Lost Alchemy (I wrote some of this and added other RunUO Forum Scripts...need to edit Reagent.cs and BasePostion.cs)
    Rune Magic
    Tithing Candle
    VooDoo Dolls (I have kept this updated since it was abandoned...need to edit Head.cs and Corpse.cs)

    Backpack of Reduction
    Bless Bag
    UnBless Bag
    Linked Bags

    Emergency Logout Rune
    Tiller Bell

    Personal Squire
    Mannaquins (Male/Female)

    Addons/Other House Stuff:
    Addon Paint Brush
    Flying Carpet
    Endless Stew Cauldron (need to edit Food.cs)
    Pelops Resurection (Need to Edit BaseHouse.cs)
    Dolphin Rugs N/S and E/W
    Rose Rugs N/S and E/W
    Skull Rugs N/S and E/W
    Dragon Head
    Hanging Shield
    Magic Fountain (endless water Source can drink from)
    BBQ (East and South)
    Canopy (Gold or Red)
    Dinner Table
    Shower (East and South)

    This Package also includes:
    Duprees tent (Squires use it to create a log out region)
    Xanthos Utilitie, Jail, and Shrink (SpellCrafting uses the Utilities)

    Thats a pretty long post I'm sure I missed something.