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Wooden Practice Weapons 1.0

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Introducing... Wooden Practice Swords for training purposes.. or for fun beating on your friends without causing major damage. Could be used for training sword or fencing skills between 2 players, or 1 could use a practice sword & the other use a shield to train swords & parry. They do 1 - 2 damage & only have 30 - 75 durability. Craftable by Carpenters, but only with the assistance of an Alchemist. The Alchemist makes the Resin used to harden the wooden shafts needed to make the swords. Since we dont exactly have the chemicals to make an actual resin, I just used sand, a GreaterExplosionPotion (to melt the sand into a liquid) & a GreaterStrengthPotion (to strengthen the resulting liquid into the resin). I also forced the Non-Exceptional to keep them from gaining any extra attributes from the BaseSword itself.. so they are little more than sticks with handles attribute wise. Could also be used for events I suppose... loooooong events involving trying to beat each other to death 1 - 2 htpts at a time. lol Def crafting addition instructions included in .rar.
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