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    UOFiddler 4.6 - Client interaction not working?

    Yep, its been a long time since last UltimaDLL update in this functionality to support newer clients AFAIK there are some specific clients that were built in another way (?) and some tools didnt generalize well with them
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    UOFiddler 4.6 - Client interaction not working?

    The client interaction will not work properly with the newest clients unless someone update the memory addresses on the UltimaDLL :(
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    Output from gump to file

    The .NET official documentation You may need to add both tw.Flush(); and tw.Close(); as these will flush the stream to the output file then close it
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    Output from gump to file

    Try this using System.IO; ... public override void OnResponse( Server.Network.NetState sender, RelayInfo info ) { using (TextWriter tw = File.CreateText(Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory, "THE_TEXTFILE_NAME.txt"))) { tw.WriteLine($"The player {sender.Mobile.Name} sent...
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    Adding a value to defcrafting?

    AFAIR these long numbers are defined as TextDefinition, they can be either an int or a string, try putting your custom description over the number position
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    Gump that refresh and doesnt blink?

    My guess is: 1- they send a new updated gump (that shows up above the old one) 2- then they send the close command to the old gump You can attach a packet analyser or use Razor to register the communication packets and analise the data to see how the trick is done
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    Misc UOFiddler with UOP support

    Feeh updated UOFiddler with UOP support with a new update entry: New version 0.2 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    UOFiddler with UOP support - New version 0.2

    It may now display the error message as it should
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    Misc UOFiddler with UOP support

    Indeed, not helpful as it should (never intended to release it :() Im not the author of the conversion code, just packed it into the plugin format You may be running into one of these possible problems from what I remember -No write permission to the file/files -Already open file -Output file...
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    Speeding up the server (fast forward)

    Is it possible to speed up the server like a fast forward button? I thought about increasing the server Ticks by some factor to simulate the FF effect but if I disable the effect, the Tick count will go down and the server may freeze up as the timers will be expecting a much large amount of...
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    Bounty System ''exploit''

    My ideas, not great ideas but maybe a starting point 1-limit the amount to put a bounty on so the value increase slowly and it wont wort to take this effort 2-prevent the gold from reaching the player and/or guild members/related somehow 3-monitor every pvp and detect the amount of effort used...
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    Updated Packet List?

    I've recently noticed that every packet list we have out there does not cover every UO packet...I know, UO is closed source, extensive debugging needed to find new packets, etc. What about creating a repository/file/subforum to put every known packet and its definition. There are some unknown...
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    New client lets you change window size to bigger but it does not work on servUO

    As long as you keep the client resolution to 800x600 Razor will be able to resize the screen to any resolution, if you select any other the client will scale down to 640x480
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    Deserialize type

    Serialize it as String It can generate exceptions
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    Multis Displayed In Gumps?

    The tree is not in the paperdoll, its part of the multi that happened to be shown over the paperdoll TO display the new backpacks you just need to change the itemid/gumpid