As long as there are no compile errors then it should be fine. I should mention though, in the newest servuo distro simply dropping the files inside the customs folder is not enough, you need to recompile every time you make a change to your scripts for the project to update. This is with anything new you add or anything you change. [levelcontrol isn't working likely because you did not compile the changes.


i removed the XMLAttachExt feature and change everything to xmlspawner2 since servuo has it built in. havent had any problems since
pretty sure you will run into issues with lag/ping unless you did something different?
I haven't come across any lag issue yet tho
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Hi. I just extracted this to my custom folder. Maybe I came in the middle of the discussion, but this is what I read in the instructions. "Once you extract LevelSystemExtreme into the customs folder and make the edits, it's ready to go. Log in to the server as a GM or higher and use [levelcontrol ." I 1) Don't see a file that explains what edits I need to make (per the instructions) 2) I logged in to my server and typed [levelcontrol but nothing happens. What am I missing? Thanks!
there is a file as i remember