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Curse Graveyard Quest 2015-07-09

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Custom quest I made to go with an old favorite.

Years ago the awesome Nerun made a cursed graveyard script. I expanded on his idea and made it into a quest.

Basically a quest giver tells you she wants to bury her husband in the Brit graveyard but no one will enter it cause it's cursed and asks for help. You go to the graveyard and have to find the reason for the curse. There is a "night wraith" there that you need to kill and will drop a quest item. Return it and she gives you a nice robe that has +5 to stealing, snooping, hiding, and stealth. Also when the hood on the robe is lifted it hides your identity. This isn't a very hard quest the night wraith has double the stats / skills as a normal one. On my server I spawned it with 2 normal wraiths.

Here is the kicker though. As long as the graveyard is cursed. When you die in the graveyard your corpse is removed and a zombie appears with all your items (that aren't blessed). The zombie will have the same skills as you but very little hit points. Once you complete the quest the curse is removed and that feature will no longer happen. The quest can only be done 1 time per account.


- Open Regions.xml file inside the data folder and change the 2 instances of
<region type="NoHousingRegion" priority="50" name="Britain Graveyard">
<region type="CursedGraveyard" priority="50" name="Britain Graveyard">
- spawn "BGYQuestGiver" and place the quest giver some where (mine is spawned in front of the brit bank.
- spawn "Night Wraith" in the britain graveyard some where.

- All set!
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