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Equipment Enhancement Anvil 2015-07-09

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Years ago Dougan Ironfist released an equipment enhancement stone on RunUO. I really liked the idea of it but as much of a perfectionist as I am I don't like the idea of everything being "stones you click on".

I cleaned the script up a bit, and changed it from a stone to an actual anvil with sound effects and all. (you can still use the anvil as a normal anvil too, just double clicking it lets you enhance the item) On my server I placed the anvil in a remote location hard to get to. Afterall it is a special anvil.

Just place the scripts in your custom folder (or whereever) and [add EnhancementAnvil

if you would like full details on what it does please read the original thread of the creater. But basically it lets you enhance weapon attributes for an increased cost per increase.


Note: I use custom colors on my server so you may need to change the color of the anvil if you don't like it. (or use my custom color package hehe)
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