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Landmine Maze Event 1.0

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This is an original script. Something very easy but is a huge hit so far with players. Basically a very large memory game. I took an unused dungeon and spawned a complete maze of land mines. I placed a healer at the beginning and one in the middle (my maze is kind of long, so it's a nice break area.) The first 3 people to complete the maze wins,

I set up a custom region (region in a box) that don't allow you to loot other players corpses. But if the event organizer wants they can spawn monsters along the way too. The land mine only kills players, not staff or npcs.

To prevent players from cheating (dying right away and running to the resurrection point in the middle. Players all receive a token. They must retain that token at the end or they are disqualified.

- The landmine has a sound and explosion effect when stepped on.
- The mine only kills players, not staff or npcs.
- The package includes the landmine, the tokens, a chest full of tokens to easily distribute, and my [eventcleanup command.

It's kind of funny. Cause the maze would be much easier if people teamed up and resurrect each other but there greed of wanting to be first always prevents it from happening. lol

**This system includes a modified version of my [eventcleanup command that allows staff to delete all event items in the world after the event is over. If you use one of my other systems like the Paintball system you can combine the two event cleanups. Or if you need help I'll post one that does both.
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