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Custom Hues / Pony / Dye Tub 2015-07-09

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Here is an original system I made. I'll go through everything included.

- This is a custom hues file that you replace the one in your ultima online directory with. This is a hues file taken from a fresh 7.0.45 install and over 600 new colors were added to the empty slots. That means that as the time of this post this hues file will work perfectly with any client version without having color issues.

Custom Hues.cs
- This is the file that contains all the new colors. This file can be called on in a script by simply:adding "using Server.AllHues;" to the top and calling it like this "Hue=AllHuesInfo.Rare;" Just place this file any where in your custom script folder.

- This is a pony script I made. On my server it is extremely rare. Basically it spawns in any of the random rare colors. You can add it to the server calling "[add pony".

Random Rare Dyetub
- Basically a normal (no, not a furniture or anything just normal) dyetub that is created in a random rare color. On my server I added it to my tailor vendor for 50k. If you would like to add it to your tailor vendor you can do this by opening up the "SBTailor.cs" file inside your /scripts/mobiles.vendors/sbinfo/ folder. Than add this code.
Add( new GenericBuyInfo( "Rare Colored Dyeing Tub", typeof( RareDyeTub ), 50000, 10, 0xFAB, 2095));
at the bottom of the "public InternalBuyInfo()" method.

The system isn't very difficult but creating the hue.mul and the file calling all the hue numbers took hours upon hours. Please give credit is you share. If you have any questions let me know. Enjoy!
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