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Simple Paintball System 1.0.2

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This is a very simple and awesome paintball event system originally developed by someone that helped me a ton back in the day on RunUO. Lord Greywolf. Here is his write-up on how to use it based off the original post:

Greywolf's Simple Paintball System 2.0 (maybe 1.0)

the Simple steps to follow:
1) Set up your arena
2) Strongly suggest you use regions in a box and set up a region for it
otherwise edit the regions.xml file and add your region in.
If you do not do this. you will have to comment out a couple of lines in PaintBallGunBase.cs that check for the region name.
3.) Make a couple changes in PaintBallGunBase.cs to fit your needs.
3) Place the scripts in your custom directory
4) Restart server
5) Have fun

Basicaly this is set up like true paintball - except you get 5 hits before you are out - can be modified to any number - but 5 works good.

when you are hit - your robe changes color. When hit 5 times it resets and moves you to the elimination point. Also on the 5th hit, the one that hit you will get a "/" added to the name on there weapon representing a killmark. So those can be totaled afterwards for a grand winner if you want

If it is a "bot" (see below) it freezes the bot
also the gun checks to see if you have a robe on (and the proper robe) If not you will be teleported to the designated location and eliminated.

I modified the special attacks to BS ones - so they do not work - done on purpose

there are 5 type (besides the base)
standard - 25 speed and no mods - range 10
offensive - 25 speed and +25 attack chance - 25 defend chance range 10
defensive - 25 speed and -25 attack chance and +25 defend chance range 10
(these simulate if they want to "duck and run more" or "stand and blast away")
semi auto - speed 45 range 6 - good at close range only
sniper - speed 5 range 15 - slow but can shoot from far away

and then there is the paintball robe - nothing big

also included are 3 levels of "paintball bots" slow, med & fast
just add them in when you think the players are having to much fun :))

and last but not least
bag of paintball equipment - robe - 5 guns and 1000 paint pellets
and a storage chest that has like 20 full bags in it to just make a chest for players to grab there own gear.

also if using a region - they will not work outside of the region

how to modify for your shard

open PaintBallGunBase.cs

change the region to match yours:
if (defender.Player && defender.Region.Name == "The Paintball Arena" )
& here:
else if ( defender.Region.Name == "The Paintball Arena" )

to change where they go if they were caught cheating and no robe on:

if ( paintrobe == null)
defender.SendMessage( "You have NO Robe ON!!!!!!" );
defender.SendMessage( "You are Eliminated" );
defender.X = 2429;
defender.Y = 1922;
defender.Z = -94;
defender.Map = Map.Malas;


to chenge where they go when eliminated normaly via a gun:

else if ( paintrobe.Hue == 38)
paintrobe.Hue = 6;
defender.X = 2429;
defender.Y = 1922;
defender.Z = -94;
defender.Map = Map.Malas;

defender.SendMessage( "You were Eliminated" );
this.Name = this.Name + "/";

and where they are sent if they try playing without wearing the robe:

paintrobe.Hue = 6;
defender.X = 2429;
defender.Y = 1922;
defender.Z = -94;
defender.Map = Map.Malas;

defender.SendMessage( "You were Eliminated for an improper robe" );

finaly - if you want - the amount of time a bot is frozen for:

defender.Freeze( TimeSpan.FromSeconds( 30.0 ) );

see - nice and simple - easy to modify and set up

if you want an endless action to the game
just set a teleporter back into the arena from the elimination spot - and it works like UT or SOF then and they are "reborn" and can keep on killing

Nice and simple - no distro edits, no big memory consumption for keeping score with, etc etc

as always enjoy

Now the changes I made to the system are thus.
- Updated and fixed some bugs. The system now works with RunUO 2.5, ServUO, and JustUO.
- By default the BOTs are frozen for 30 seconds.
- When you are eliminated all you paintball equipment is removed and you are notified about it.

I am pretty acquainted with the system so if you need any help I will try my best to help. Have fun!

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