Era's Custom Clothing art

Art Era's Custom Clothing art St Patricks Day 2019

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[Added] March

Green Suit - Shirt (St Patty's Special)
Leprechaun Hat - Hat (St Patty's Special)
St Patricks Mug - Misc (St Patty's Special)
Sword Of The Leprechaun (St Patty's Special)
Priest Robe - Outerlayer
Priest Robe Hooded - Outerlayer
Heart Striker - Weapon
Crimson Mace - Weapon
Mage Shroud Red - Outerlayer
Mage Shroud - Outerlayer
Candy Cane Sword - Weapon (Christmas Special)
Roman Garment - Outerlayer
Christmas Scepter - Weapon (Christmas Special)
Frosted Pickaxe - Tool (Christmas Special)
Hanukkah menorah - Ornamental (Hanukkah Special)
[Added] Oct/15/2018
2018 Halloween Candle
Male Zombie Costume
Mummy Costume
Vampire Costume
ToT Pumpkin Basket
Had some fun doing this one, had alot of inspiration from watching avengers and had to try my hand at it.

Mjolnir - Weapon
Baselard - Weapon
Bone Rapier - Weapon
Loki's Scepter - Weapon
Spell Shield -Shield
Heroic Cape - Cloak
Top hat - Headwear
Suit - Shirts
Loki's Helmet - Helms
Hylian Shield - Shield
Master Sword - Weapon
Link's Hat - Headwear
Dark Messiah Mask - Headwear
Dark Messiah Tunic - Chest
Dark Messiah Pants - Legs
Kalavainian Shirt - Chest
Kalavainian Shorts - Legs
Shield Of Kalavain - Shield
Ancient Runic Sword - Weapon
Crown - Headwear
Emblem of Enlightenment - Jewelry
Emblem of Rage - Jewelry
Emblem of Rejuvenation - Jewelry
Clear Glass Bottle - Misc
Green Glass Bottle - Misc
Toga - Outer layer
Demon Dagger - Weapon
Merry Christmas Everyone I hope everyone enjoys this time with their loved ones. Everyone stay safe and have fun :)


2017 Santa Hat - Head
Corrupted Sword Of The Vile[Evo Sword] - Sword
Buster Blade - Sword
Chronicle - Sword
Sand Breaker - Sword
Bone Mace - Mace
Cospri Malice - Sword
Varunastra - Sword
Rainbow Dancer Staff - Staff
Goddess White Blade - Sword
The World Of Kalavain [ A Custom world]
In The Long Run, A lot of my Art will be based around this new world of Kalavain. Kalavain will have it own Special Set over time
[Rainbow Dancer]
[Moon Temple Clothing]


Crimson Dagger - Weapon
Crimson Follower's Chiton - Shirt
Sword Of Kalavain - Weapon
Rainbow Dancer Short Sword - Weapon
Shield of The Inferno - Shield
Sword With Dragon Emblem - Weapon
Arctic Fur Tunic - Tunic

Enjoy the new update :)


Empress Royal Neck Guard - Neck
Empress Royal Breastplate - Chest Armor
Empress Royal Scepter - Mace
Empress Royal Shield - Shield
Empress Royal Crown - Head
Empress Royal Skirt - Legs
Empress Royal Arm Braces - Arms
This Update Adds Couple new ones, Including a few weapons
Chronicle 2 - Weapon
Dark Magician Staff - Weapon
Basic Shirt - Shirt
The Divinity Necklace - Necklace
Elegant Wooden Shield - Shield
Gargoyle Pickaxe - Tools