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HouseGen 1.0

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Generate Housing Scripts (and deeds).
This project is created with information in the tutorial:

This script is designed to be used after you've created the new multi files, once the files are created and in place on the server and client.

Install: in the file there are three strings that need to be set: full file paths must be provided for the two template files and the output folder (which must already be created). Besides these three pieces of information it's just drag and drop.

Setup: Place your base multi(s) out on the map (add basemulti <multiID>). Use the add door command to create the doors where they belong on the house.

This system comes with a scan feature, doors, house area(s), and markers will be added automatically when the multi is set. Markers are regular items of certain itemID for the different things needed. The items the script looks for:
Ban point: ItemID 0x0FEA
Placement point: ItemID 0x0AEC
Sign point: ItemID 0x0B95, 0x0B96, 0x0BA3 - 0x0C0E

The system also works with targeting so the items are not needed.

To open the system use the command HouseGen (HG for shortcut). You can also use the command HouseGenAdd <house name> (no shortcut) too add, target and scan and the gump will automatically open to the new entry.

Once inside the menu you will see a list of any houses in the system and the ability to edit (arrow) or delete(circle slash). Once you are ready to create the scripts you click the save button on this part of the gump.

When in the edit mode for a house (even useing the HouseGenAdd <house name>) no changes are saved unless you click the save option.

In the house editor gump you can:
Change the house's name
Set the multi (and scan) by target
Set placement point by target
Set sign point by target
Set ban point by target
Open the Area editor
Open the Door editor
Set the Max Lock downs
Set the Max Secures
Set the Price

In the Area editor you'll be able to delete an area, add a new area (bounding targets) or view an the area in relationship to the multi (this will spawn items of itemid 0x1CD9 (translucent blood tiles) to cover the area.
To remove them use command wipe where item itemid = 0x1CD9.

In the door editor you'll be able to delete a door entry, view if the door entry is a double door (has check in the box) or not, Go to the door's location. Add new door by target. Note Double doors are ONE (1) entry and have check mark on that entry.

Special Note: the list of houses do gen is not presistant and will be empty on a restart.

Special thanks to @owenuo for allowing the release of this system.
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