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Player Book Publishing System 1.5

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These scripts allow your players to to drop a book on top of a publisher then, after confirming, have the book published.

Once created the books can then be created, either at random or by the # the book was published.

To use this system first add a publisher where you want people to be able to have their books published. I recommend that you use a spawner for this part, but for simple testing you can do by command: [add publisher

Players then take any book and drop it on to the publisher. This version has no checking of ownership, contents ext, it's just designed to do it's job and that's all for now. Once the book has been dropped it will be returned to the player, no need for the owner to lose their copy right?

Once this is done you can then use the publishedbook to make them again, there are two versions that you can use with this system:
  1. PublishedBook - Random book that has been published, if no book was found an empty book is created.
  2. PublishedBook [int] - when int is a number that is less than the count of the list of published books a book with the contents of that index is then created.
This would be recommended to be done on a spawner to allow players to find the books that where published.

The publisher now has a user interface:
The interface will display the title of the book, and the author.
Ten books will be displayed per page of the interface.
Paging buttons on the bottom of the interface.
To make it easy to see the lines there is plenty of space and 2 colors that rotate.
Players will have access to the option of buying the books from the interface, book pricing is 300 gold.
Staffs will have the same buy option, as well as a delete button, to remove books from the list.

To access the user interface one simply needs to double click on the publisher.

Special thanks:
  • Joeku - The Staff Runebook helped me understand how to create a save and load, fairly easily.
  • Felladrin - The idea came about due to his Online Book Code Generator
  • Tab - YesNo script as well as helping me learn what delegates are.
This script was originally designed for RunUO. If this script is not working on ServUO please let me know.
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