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Travel Book 1.5

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This is a remake of the Travel Book that Milva posted, while the idea is the same, The execution is very different.

By default, the Travel Book will have the same entries (and a fixed entry)

Item will be named Travel Book, but the Gump will read your shards name (from the shard list) and then travel book on the bottom of the left side as Milva suggested.

The Travel book will automatically adjust itself based on the entries in its private static List of Locations with you can change to fit your shard as you see fit.

The Gump will Not display a Map if there are no locations in the list (you can see this with the default list and Fel as there are no locations on the Fel Map) as locations are Filtered by Map (in the order provided in the list).

Paging automatically set up by code so you just need to manage the list.

Updating the Locations List:
in the TravelBookGump section of the code, starting at line 50 the Locations List is defined. The Locations themselves are defined with it starting on line 52 with Britain:
new RunebookEntry(new Point3D(1422,1697,0), Map.Trammel, "Britain", null),
Should be easy, but JIC...
the 3 numbers are the X Y and Z of the locations, then we have the Map for the locations and then the Name/Description. The last value is for housing and not used by this script, leave as null.
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