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AutoResPotion (potion of rebirth) 1.9

Die and let live.

  1. Talow
    A potion that when used allows the player to be resed about 30 seconds after their next death.

    When used a charge is not used at that time, upon res is when the charge is used.
    Once the charges are gone, so is the potion.
    Using the potion is not saved, so after a server restart players will need to use the potion again to be added to the list (also why the charges are not used until after res).
    There is no time limit on the use of the pot either.
    Logging in/out also do not effect the list so players will be auto resed still.

    You may add these like any other item in game:
    [add autorespotion

    If you want players to be able to find / loot / craft this is up to your server and your spawner/scripter, I will not assist with that.

    Any issues with the potion itself please let me know.

    This script was originally designed for RunUO. If this script is not working on ServUO please let me know.