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Way Stone 1.0

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When inside a party and you have this "Way Stone" in your backpack (staff can just double click from anywhere) then you open a request to each party member join you at your location, the stone deletes after use.

The request is a gump with 2 options, Okay and Cancel. Click okay and you get the healing effect around you, taken to the location of the requester, then the effect again for good measure. Click Cancel and the gump closes and you are left where you where.

There is a timer on the gump of 2 minutes, after which time the gump will be closed and you will be stranded.

Drag and drop.

The script has no way of spawning these items, it is up to you how to get them to your players. On the server I work and play on we added a spawner that spawns one about every hour.

This script was originally designed for RunUO. If this script is not working on ServUO please let me know.
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