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Mini Carousel 1.0

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In design it's simple, an addon of a mini carousel. The switch on the bottom controls the hue of the horses that make up the lil' carousel and gives a small illusion that the carousel is spinning. The bottles on the top are light bulbs, and the switch controls them too, so they turn on and off (again just an exploitation of the hue for the illusion). The combination of the above stated give the player a fully working carousel they can have and play with in their homes.

Don't like the colors?
It is pretty easy to change the hues in this file, while the base of this addon has to be all the same hue, you can change it easily from the script, the parts are all labeled in comments.

The harder parts will be the lights, as for these three items i used a hue you could add or subtract 3 from to make it darker/lighter, if you can get the proper hue for that, it will work just fine or you can change how the lighting process works, it's in the "GoRound()" method of the script.

Simply download the file, all parts of the carousel are scripted there. Place downloaded file into the Scripts/Custom folder or a sub-folder of your liking. Restart your RunUO.

Add the carousel/Deed:
Log on a staff character with GM or greater access level and:
to add the Carousel itself (for display for your shard) type "[add minicarouseladdon" with out the quotes.
to add the deed for players to place in their homes type "[add minicarouseldeed" again with out the quotes.

This script was originally designed for RunUO. If this script is not working on ServUO please let me know.
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