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PvP Reward Scrolls 1.10

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This is another custom script package I made. I designed it a long time ago and just went through and cleaned it up a bit and decided to release it. They are deeds that will add +1 of a specific attribute to an item.

They are blessed, can only be used form your pack and can be used on armor, clothes, jewelry, or weapons.

There is a +1 deed for the following attributes:

Attack Chance
Bonus Dex
Bonus Int
Bonus Str
Cast Recovery
Cast Speed
Defend Chance
Lower Mana Cost
Lower Reagent Cost
Reflect Physical
Regen Hits
Regen Mana
Regen Stamina
Spell Damage &
Weapon Damage

You can add the deeds however you wish. I use the XML Points system and have them as a purchasable reward with pvp points.

As with my other scripts this will work with RunUO 2.x, ServUO and JustUO.
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