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Quest Core Changes 1.0

Modification to allow greater search capability

  1. Lokai
    VnC for Quest Search gump

    This is a core modification to BaseQuester and MondainQuester to allow enhanced search capability. It requires implementation of an abstract member to each Quest Mobile, so the mobiles that are part of the latest Distro ServUO release are included with the modification already made. In addition, there is a gump included that I think is a great help for any owner. (More about that below.)


    If you have a standard ServUO (or JustUO) system, you can copy contents of the Scripts folder included in the Zip file to your Core directory and overwrite existing files. If you wish, you can also manually copy and replace the files in case you want to back up your old ones.


    Call the [ClilocQuest command in game. By default it uses the Admin as the PlayerMobile associated with the gump, but you can also target another player from the gump.


    If you have additional BaseQuests or QuestSystems, you may need to update those mobiles also.


    The gump included gives you a searchable list of ALL quests on your Server. In addition, it lets you filter by Quest Type (BaseQuest, QuestSystem) and lets you show quests based on the status of that quest for a particular player (Completed, Active, Not Started.) It also shows the Objectives for the quest.

    In addition, if you have spawned all of the mobiles that are responsible for giving the quest - the "quest mobiles" - then you will see an option that allows you to recall to the mobile.


    Here is an example of how this can be useful. A player states that they completed a quest, but did not get the reward. You can call up the Quest Search gump and target the player, then filter by "Completed" only, and it should show you the quest the player is talking about. You can see the objectives for that quest, so you know what they needed to do. You can then recall to the quest mobile, and investigate the problem with the quest, or test it yourself.


    VnC is required for the ClilocQuest command, and the Quest Search gump, so please install VnC before installing this. It was the ONLY way I could think to easily pull the Cliloc strings for the quest into the gump.
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