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Tree Harvest System (Stand-alone) 1.1

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None. Uses standard Resource Types: RegularWood, Oak, Ash, Yew, Bloodwood, Heartwood, Frostwood.
New Tree Harvest System.

This is pretty much an exact copy of the Tree Harvesting system that is included with my custom Skills system. However, this one does not use any additional skills, nor does it require any core modifications or XmlSpawner or anything else. Just standard stuff.

The system uses Camping for most resource gathering, and Lumberjack for chopping.

To test this, add a TreeHarvestTool in game, and a TreeHatchet. These will get you started.

Here is the new Resource gump you get from the context menu on the Tree Harvest Tool:


The tool has been enhanced with an additional function - Chopping! Now you can get logs from any tree in the world, and it will (almost perfectly) match the type of tree you are chopping. For example, the Apple tree produces Apple Tree Logs, etc.

Each log has one of the standard resources as the ResourceType for that log, which then translates to the Boards you make by chopping the logs with a TreeHatchet. The TreeHatchet is a new tool which also functions as a Tree Harvest Tool for harvesting Logs, but it also chops logs down into Boards. Here are some of the logs and how they look in the game:


Resources you gather, such as this OakBark, can be processed to create products which you can incorporate into your world any way you choose:


The TreeResource and TreeProduct scripts show you how that is done. Cooking and Alchemy are used to create products from various Tree Resources.

You will need a Mortar and Pestle, a bowl, a heat source, and a large flask to test the various resource-conversions.

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