1. Murara97

    Add new monster animations with UOFiddler

    Hi everyone, my name's Muri and I used to play with UO when I was a child with my brother. I found the old directory we used, with RunUO2.0 and some other apps related (DragonMod, UOFiddler, CentrED) to set up a costum server. I was trying to add new monster animations with UOFiddler, although I...
  2. derekwsparks

    Paperdoll Border Graphic

    I am trying to replace the paperdoll border graphics to the ones attached below. They are the same ones the shard Grimmwold used before they shut down. I have UOFiddler, MULPatcher but am getting a little confused on the entire process of replacing the gumps and making the changes actually...
  3. Legnes

    Animations UOFiddler 4.9.17 (for animation creators) 4.9.17

    Animation creators version - Added the ability to use a male and female body. - Added the ability to use rider animation. - Added saving combined image. - Added the ability to edit Cliloc.rus Version 4.9.17 - Updated client window enumeration logic to look for alternative clients first to fix...
  4. UO Fidder & Art.mul problem

    Hello friends. I add art.mul item via uofiddler but art.mul is dropping. I don't understand what is the reason for this? size before adding; size after adding;
  5. Legnes

    Animations UOFiddler 4.9.12 (for animation creators) 4.9.12

    Version 4.9.12 (for animation creators) - Added man body to fix item animation - Fixed export of standard animation (bmp/tiff) Version 4.9.12 - Added search items on Dress tab. Version 4.9.11 - Added "Show Free Slots" option to Land Tiles tab. - Added "Show Free Slots" option to Textures tab...
  6. Eowymos

    UOFiddler Facet tab crashes

    Hello, I have a custom map and I would like to regenerate the facetx.mul files. When I use the UOFiddler Multimap/Facets tab, the program crashed. I need some help to find out a solution please. Thank you, Eowymos
  7. Voodooburst

    Texterr.def: How to use it?

    Hi, I've been having trouble with some tile types for a while now. Let me explain: these tiles when they are at Z = 0 are displayed correctly in the client, when they are tilted [for example to reproduce an uneven terrain], they are displayed as a completely black tile or they are converted into...
  8. Alatar

    CentrED+, Fiddler, Pol and a strange result...

    Hi, everyone. Im having a strange issue. I made a custom area (an island) in Felucca (at the blank/black space in main Britannia) using CentrED+ and i have a simple pol100 64bit to test my archives. When i used the "start here.bat" and generated the map, it's all went fine. My pol creates the...
  9. Basara

    UOFiddler 4.6 - Client interaction not working?

    Hi all, I've come back to the UO emu world after a few years away and wondered if theres an known issue with UOFiddler 4.6 not communicating with the client (using ML with Razor)? The Client Interact options dont seem to do anything anymore for me but I seem to remember it used to work...