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Best BBQ Quest 2020-12-05

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The reward is a RoastingPigOnASpitDeed. It is in the base ServUO package that I have. If you do not have that addon, you can easily change the reward item.
Best BBQ Quest​

Quest Install

The install for this is very straight forward. Copy the entire folder to wherever you keep your quests (I use scripts/customs/quests). If you want to use the xml file to load the quest you will need to copy the xml file to your base ServUO folder. There are only 2 spawners. As written Al The Butcher will spawn critters near the Inn in New Haven (outside the guard zone). If you use the xml file the 2 spawners will be very near that monster spawn point. Tim The Hungry is outside the inn, Al The Butcher is inside the inn. There is no additional decoration or addons needed. Enjoy your BBQ!

XML Load usage [xmlload bbqquest.xml

Quest Walk Through

When you talk to Tim The Hungry he will ask for help in getting Al The Butcher to cook some ribs. Tim will give you some special BBQ Coal to give to Al. When you give the coal to Al she will spawn a lizardman outside and ask you to get the lizard's ribs (I hear lizard ribs are tender & tasty). When you give the ribs to Al, she will then ask for the 'Secret Ingredient' to her BBQ sauce. A giant frog will spawn and you need to get the frog's eyes. It seems that frog eyes are just what most BBQ sauce is missing? Yeah, anyway... Take the eyes to Al and she will give you a Feast Invitation scroll. Give the scroll to Tim for your reward.


There is a quest book given with the start of the quest, and it is deleted when you receive your reward. This quest does not really need a quest book, but I am still playing with my new Quest Book template.

The reward is a rotating pig on a spit addon. It is in the base ServUO package that I have. If you do not have that addon, you can easily change the reward item.

Behind the scenes rambling

This is a pretty simple quest that took too many hours to make... I wanted to make a quest chain, similar to the Hag or Matriarch quest. I was trying to get my Ramayan quest to be a quest chain. This short quest was my testing quest. Turns out the quest chain system is a very cumbersome system and prone to crashing the server. I did finally get it to work and realized it was not worth the effort.

But, I had the idea for this quest still, and decided on a much simpler method. To the player the only difference is that the quest does not update on the quest log, like the Hag & Matriarch do. I ended up basing the quest on the Beginner Equipment Quest (Lothar & Briana are the NPCs). The install notes for that quest say that Skarth made it in 2005. I believe it has been updated by others over the years.



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