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Warfork of the Elements 2021-01-08

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Elemental Warfork Quest

This is a fairly simple quest to obtain elemental weapons. I wrote it to work out some details to string together multiple quests, that vary by which item(s) you obtain (selection gump and account tags).


There are only 2 spawners to place, but I do recommend using the xml file. There are no additional items or decorations needed. To get the summoning box to work as designed I do recommend you use the xml file to load the spawners. The Summoning Box is set to SpawnOnCarry (quest book), and the box spawns the monsters at a scripted destination. Feel free to edit the locations, but just moving the box will not suffice. Loading with the xml file will ensure the proper placement. The summoning box also has a 5 minute duration.

xml usage - to load spawners - [xmlload ElementalWarforkQuest.xml

to unload spawners - [xmlunload ElementalWarforkQuest.xml


Near the Luna moongate you will find Vincent the quest giver. When you talk to him you get a gump offering you the quest, and there are 4 selection buttons to choose a summoning gem (fire, ice, energy, and poison). When you select the gem, he also gives you a quest book, with further instructions.

Exit Luna from the East gate and head down into to the crystal forest. The summoning box will spawn, make a sound, and a popup message (so should be easy for the player to find). Place the gem in the box and the chosen elemental will spawn. After you kill the elemental loot his head from his corpse and take it back to Vincent for your reward.

Single quest or repeatable

This script is set up to allow you to easily change it from being done once only, or be repeatable. There are a few lines in VincentQuestGiver.cs you need to edit to switch it. There are 5 lines of code that you need to switch out the // marks, that remark out a line of code. As written, it is lines 69, 105, 106, 108, and 109 (See pics below for examples). When you receive the reward your account is tagged. Line 69 looks for the tag. If the line is used, the NPC will not talk to you if you have the account tag, making the quest only done once. Remark out the line and he will talk to you, making the quest repeatable. Lines 108, 109, 111, and 112 determine which quest start gump you get (both gumps are included). The only difference between the gumps is one line saying the quest can only be done only once. The account will be tagged in the reward phase of the quest, but if line 69 does not look for the tag, it serves no purpose (but does not need to be removed, unless you just want to).

But line 105 already checks for the quest book, so the player cannot get the gem gump if they already have the quest book (yes, they can set the book down...but hopefully not many will think of that ha ha).


I am trying to learn to make more complex quests, and this was to make the player responsible for which reward they get - later we can use the specific quest reward item to trigger a new quest giver. Nest these choices together and you can make a quest with much more complex options. I did try to make the gem selection OnSpeech but could not get the multiple speech options to work. The gump is much easier to code and, quite frankly, as a player I prefer the gump over specific required spoken phrases... but I really wanted to learn how to code that.

Tukaram 5JAN2021

Start gumps


Finish gump


Quest book


Quest items and location of summoning box


Reward items

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