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Skill Trainer Books 2021-02-08

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This is based on an old script I have. It was originally a craft training book, so not to use resources (Created by Ashlar, beloved of Morrigan). I edited it for some of the more tedious skills. The gump is set up for 10 skills, so I left it the same size. I just changed out the skills in the script. I take no credit for this - it is a very cool script that I just did a little editing on (and changed the font from the illegible purple).

From the original release notes:
MinSkill is the minimum amount of skill required in that skill before the item is usable.
MaxSkill is the maximum amount of skill that the player can have in the skill and still use the item.
Ouch is the fatigue factor. Deals damage to stamina and hits during study.
StudyTime is the amount of time between study attempts. (when to resend the gump)

MinSkill and MaxSkill are setable in-game, using the item props, as well as Ouch and StudyTime.

During the StudyTime delay, the bool value Studying is set to true. While Studying is true, players cannot doubleclick the item for a new gump.
Due to the way this works, only one player can use the item at a time.

Players must be within 2 tiles to use.

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