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christmas quest pack 2020-10-31

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Holiday Quest Pack

Some holiday quests, since christmas is coming soon'ish. I did not write any of these quests, but I made some gump additions. A couple have the authors name in them, some do not. If there was original documentation, I left it in there. All were from RunUO or ServUO.

What I did for them was to add some new gumps. A few years ago the enhanced client did not handle books well. So, I replaced the quest books with gumps. I decided I like the gumps better, because they are decorated for the holidays. I did go through the conversations and correct a bit of the spelling. Also, on one quest I cleaned up the language a little (Santa should not cuss, should he?)

On a couple quests I added a section to make the quest repeatable. I remarked out the section that makes them single use, so you can decide which version is best for your shard.

On the reindeer taming quest I added a gump so it will work with the Enhanced Client, and the gump gives the player a checklist for taming reindeer. * Warning - You can change pages and it will maintain the check marks, but if you close the gump the list clears.

Again, just some editing to existing scripts. I take no credit for these fun quests (just the gumps).




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