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Misc Ilutzio's Quest Creator 2016-05-13

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I did not make this program - and actually don't know where I got it. I was going through my UO files and found it. It has a readme file with credits. It was written for RunUO ver 2, but still works with ServUO.

It is very easy to use, and includes a nice help screen. There are 6 quests included - but they are in German ha ha. I used them as a reference to see what the program can do. You can easily see how to make a nested quest, person A sends you for an item, you take the item to person B, they give another item to take back to person A... you could include a whole chain of items/people.

It does not seem to do the simple 'kill quest' like the XML quest maker, or I cannot see how to do it. I always have to bring back an item to finish the quest. I am ok with that.

There are 3 screens in the program and each one will make it's own script. The scripts are very easy to edit as needed (for EC I have to add a line to make the gump readable). Each section of the program lets you know how many characters a line can be, which is handy.

The quest giver is named so you just put the person on an XML Spawner and place whatever critters you need.

Putting an item on a critter via XML is also easy: ogre/name/Lord Bleck/ADD,0.3/<katana/name/Shiny Sword> That would spawn an ogre named Lord Bleck with a 30% probability of dropping a katana named Shiny Sword.
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