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Lich Staff 2017-06-27

Collectible pieces that combine into a weapon

  1. Tukaram
    This is an idea based on a weapon on an old shard I used to play (forget the name). There were 2 pieces of a staff you collected as loot. You could combine them into a new weapon.

    This is a 3 piece weapon add on (a magic gem, and 2 broken pieces of a Lich staff). When you have each of the 3 parts you double click the gem and you will get the Lich Staff. You just drop these files wherever you put your custom scripts. Introduce them into the game in any way you want. They make a nice quest addition. I simply added them as a possible loot drop on the Lich.

    3 pieces to assemble staff:




    Together they create the Staff - LichStaff
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Recent Reviews

  1. Shazzy
    Version: 2017-06-27
    This is a nice idea and could be used in many other applications! Thanks for sharing!(we know who says that, hehehe)