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Login Broadcast 2015-05-25

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This is another script I have had for years and really like. Players love to know when there friends pop on. I thought I would share it because it does indeed work on RunUO, ServUO and JustUO and hasn't been posted in many ages on either of the websites. The following is the information in the header.

# Login/Logout/New Player Broadcast
# * Author: mordero
# * Email: [email protected]
# * Description: Will broadcast to current online players when someone has logged in/out. If the person who has logged in/out is above the player access level, it only broadcasts to the staff.
# * Description of Edit: When a new character is created, a message with their name, will be broadcasted to current online players.
# * Additional Info: You may edit the New Player Message to your liking. Remember that the {0} denotes the player's name.
# * Installation: Just drag into your custom scripts folder.
# * Additional edits made by Orbit Storm to include a New Player Login Broadcast (and cleanup of wording for easier understanding).
# * All credit goes to mordero for developing this script and releasing it on RunUO. Please leave this header intact if you redistribute!

Please bare in mind that you do need to edit the following line at the top of the script for your own server name.

private readonly static string m_NewPlayerMessage = "Welcome the newest member of Mystical Nights, {0}!"; //New Player Message
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