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Loot System 2016-05-31

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This was posted by KHzspeed at RunUO on 26SEP11. I am just sharing it because I like it :)

I found it when trying to figure out how to add loot to the existing lootpacks (I gave up when I found this). This a very cool system. Very minor edits to basecreature.cs. It does not interfere with the existing loot system, just runs alongside it.

It allows you to add any items you want to the loot system, but it affects ALL critters. The math is below, it is based on critter stats, hits/stam/mana. You can set the chances higher so sparrows won't drop uber loot. The original settings are set high enough you won't flood the shard with loot.

You can add any specific loot you want to the list - it comes with syntax help, but no entries. You can also modify the drop rate. It sends a message on creature death with the percent chance of receiving an item. After finalizing my settings I will probably remark out the 'message' line. It will get annoying seeing it all the time, but great while setting it up.

I am just using it for a set of 60 monster statues, so I am trying to get it about 10% on Demons... nothing uber.
float artichance = multip*( 20*(hits+stam+mana) / 1500); 
//Original was 5500 (1,000 is 13% Fan Dancer, 15% Demons)(800 is 15% Fan Dancers, 17% Demons, 26% Dragon)
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