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Obituary Board 1.1

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I did not make this. It's something I have had on my computer for quite a few years. No header in it so I am unsure. I did some minor code clean up and it works on RunUO, ServUO and JustUO now.

It displays the most recent (i believe 100) deaths on the server and who they died by. It will also announce to the server when a player is killed by another player.

If you want it to announce to the server when a player is killed by anything feel free to uncomment out the couple announce codes at the top of the script. Likewise if you don't want it to announce anything feel free to comment out this one.

World.Broadcast(0x21, true, "{0} has been slain by {1}!", args.Mobile.Name, mob.Name);

Just drop it in any folder and [add deathboard and you're good to go.
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